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Mooks Musings LLC was founded of out a desire for high quality ingredients and unique flavors for my salad dressings.  As a regular classical yoga practicioner, the prana of the food is important to the vibrancy of the whole system.  Much of the options within the US market contained ingredients (namely onion and garlic) not ideally suited for the system.

Thus, I started experimenting with various salad dressings, often bringing them to dinner parties and “unsuspecting” restaurants!  My first public tasting was with a buddy of mine at Cracker Barrel in rural Tennessee, the momentum continued…..thus, Mooks Musings LLC!

The endevour is not just about salad dressings, but to combine high quality ingredients in unique and often undiscovered way.  Ideas are always welcome and the variety of uses is often as varied as the product itself.


Mahesh Narayanaswamy